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Those that opt to plant and maintain traditional lawns might just like the look of the luxurious, inexperienced grass surrounding their residence, however don’t essentially need to use synthetic fertilizers and different chemical substances to maintain it trying good. And whereas some turn to sand as a method to enhance soil drainage, others use one thing a bit sweeter: Sugar.

Right here’s what to learn about when placing sugar in your garden may very well be useful, and when you need to skip it.

When your garden would possibly profit from sugar

As we’ll talk about beneath, not each garden will reap the advantages of sugar, however typically talking, the candy substance will help restrict weed development and break down thatch.


Sugar for weed management

Crops—together with weeds—love nitrogen-rich soil. And as a carbon nutrient, sugar contains no nitrogen. So whereas placing sugar on weeds rising in your garden gained’t kill them instantly, it’ll make the soil the place they’re making an attempt to develop inhospitable. At that time, the grass can be better-positioned to overtake invasive plant species.

Sugar for breaking up thatch

If you’ve noticed a layer of dead grass, leaves, and other materials—better known as “thatch”—form on your lawn, sugar can be used to assist break it down. This permits new grass to develop, and may make your garden look greener, and fewer patchy.


Tips on how to use sugar in your garden

You should utilize any sort of granulated or powdered sugar in your garden, and can want one pound of sugar per 10.5 sq. feet of lawn. The best option to apply it evenly is through the use of a garden spreader, however if you happen to don’t have one, sprinkling it on by hand—taking the time to make it as whilst potential—works, too. Whenever you’re carried out spreading the sugar, water the garden flippantly.


There’s additionally the choice of making a molasses spray by mixing 1 ¾ cups of molasses to 10 gallons of water, and making use of it utilizing a backpack or handbook sprayer.

Both method, the most effective time to sugar your garden because the earliest level within the day when the garden is dry (so, after any morning dew has evaporated). And like people, it’s not nice for grass to get too a lot sugar, so restrict the remedy to as soon as a month.


Dangers of placing sugar in your garden

Whereas sugar has its advantages, in some instances, may do extra hurt than good to your garden. For instance, in case your garden is surrounded by woods, or prone to fungal growth usually, sugar will make issues worse. Additionally, if you happen to don’t water your garden sufficiently after making use of the sugar, it may attract insects and other critters in search of a snack—leaving your garden in worse form than it was earlier than the sugar.


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