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If you happen to’ve paid shut consideration to labels on any electrical merchandise, gadgets, or home equipment, you might have observed a small mark with the initials “UL” on it. It’s not one thing related to a selected firm or model of merchandise, and that is a kind of issues that when you realize it’s there, you begin noticing them in all places. However what does the “UL” mark imply? Right here’s what to know.

What does UL imply on a label?

UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, which describes itself as “a not-for-profit group devoted to public security.” Based in 1894 to advertise secure residing and dealing environments, UL’s major perform was, and continues to be, product security testing and certification. Though there are different organizations that supply the identical security testing service, UL is the best-known.


The primary iteration of the UL label got here out in 1906, and authorized that particular person merchandise have been examined, and met the group’s security requirements. It means the identical factor at present. Seeing “UL Listed” on the label of a product assures you, as a shopper, that it’s going to work as anticipated, and doesn’t pose a security threat to you. In different phrases, if you need to determine between buying an merchandise with a UL label versus the identical kind merchandise with out that mark, go for the one with it.

The distinction between ‘UL Listed’ and ‘UL Acknowledged’

Let’s say you buy a fridge. Chances are you’ll discover “UL Listed” on the label affixed to the equipment’s energy twine. And when you have been at it, you additionally purchased a washer, which has “UL Acknowledged” stickers on a number of particular person elements. What’s the distinction between the 2?

In accordance to UL, “UL Itemizing signifies that UL has examined consultant samples of a product and decided that the product meets particular, outlined necessities.” In the meantime, “UL Element Recognition signifies that UL has evaluated elements or supplies supposed to be used in an entire product or system. These elements are supposed just for end-use merchandise that could be eligible for UL certification.”

So principally, “UL Listed” means they examined the product (as an entire) and it really works security, whereas “UL Acknowledged” labels are place on particular elements of a product which are examined.


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