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A French dressing has two most important elements, oil and an acid—normally vinegar or lemon juice. Usually tlisted below are different gamers: mustard, a sweetener of some sort, most likely some herbs and seasonings. But the oil and acid are non-negotiable. Since these two elements are so necessary, you would possibly suppose the oil want be additional virgin olive, and the acid an aged, costly vinegar. However you’d can be improper. You can also make a tremendous French dressing with low-cost vegetable oil and aggressive white vinegar.

On their very own, neither ingredient tastes like a lot. Vegetable oil supplies little however physique, whereas white vinegar tastes of nothing however acetic acid. Each are utilitarian, however that’s okay. Making a scrumptious French dressing with these two humble pantry staples is simple—you simply have to extend the quantity of different stuff in your recipe.

My commonplace vinaigrette template requires a ratio of 4 elements oil, 4 elements acid, 1 half mustard, and 1 half liquid sweetener, with herbs and different seasonings added to style. It really works properly in the event you’re utilizing flavorful oil and vinegar, however will learn as overly tart and one-dimensional with the 2 cheapies. To compensate, lower the oil and acid to 2 elements every, and select a mustard and sweetener with a definite taste. By pairing flavorful a mustard and sweetener with utilitarian oil and the plainest vinegar, the mustard and sweetener are capable of shine, leading to a cleaner taste profile. (If you would like extra dimension, add some herbs or spices.)


And “distinct tastedoesn’t must imply “costly. Honey is distinct and low-cost, as is maple syrup, as is a syrup made with wine, or orange peels, or brown sugar. Simply keep away from a easy syrup made with desk sugar, because it doesn’t deliver a lot taste aside from sweetness.

Equally, the mustard want not be expensive. Your favourite dijon will work simply superb, as will something stone-ground. Each of those mustards not solely come full of taste, they arrive packed with mucilage, which sounds disgusting however is the factor that retains your dressing from separating.

Lastly, although whisking has a sure romantic appeal, I extremely suggest you emulsify your dressing by shaking it in a jar. Doing so works method higher than any whisk or “emulsifying bottle” I’ve ever encountered, and also you get a pleasant arm exercise within the course of.

Easy, Low-cost Honey Dijon French dressing


  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 2 tablespoons white vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon dijon mustard
  • 1 pinch of salt

Add all the things to a jar, shut the jar, and shake to emulsify. That’s it. You’re executed. Go eat a salad.



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