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Construct a easy whitelist dApp utilizing Solidity, Subsequent.js, ethers.js on Ethereum

Build a simple whitelist dApp using Solidity, Next.js, ethers.js on Ethereum

Sophomore Track (12 Part Series) 1 What is Gas on Ethereum (and other blockchains)? Deep dive 2 What is blockchain mining? Mining on Ethereum … 8 more parts… 3 What is Proof of Work (PoW)? How does PoW work on Ethereum? 4 Understanding the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) 5 Let’s learn some advanced Solidity concepts!…

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Learn to use Discord and get whitelisted for NFT initiatives

Learn how to use Discord and get whitelisted for NFT projects

Once I began studying about NFTs, I joined a whitelist looking group, which I initially thought was to information newbies into the NFT area. Then, the members started sharing invitations to discord servers to get whitelisted. First, I didn’t know what a whitelist meant, and once I joined one of many discord servers, I grew…

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