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Quirks and Options of Bizarre JavaScript 😵

Quirks and Features of Weird JavaScript 😵

Hii! Everybody!! On this article, I will focus on the unusual and unbelievable peculiarities and traits of bizarre JavaScript. JavaScript is an very uncommon programming language. It isn’t like different programming languages, but it is a highly effective one. It might be used to construct front-end, back-end, cellular, in addition to desktop apps. Go to…

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One bizarre trick for sampling EventBridge occasions

One weird trick for sampling EventBridge events

Amazon EventBridge is a serverless occasion bus and a key element of serverless, event-driven purposes. Nonetheless, it may be tough to assemble instance occasion knowledge for testing environments, and growing towards mock occasions will be limiting. You may additionally want to carry out some steady testing towards manufacturing occasions, however the quantity of occasions could…

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Reverse-engineering a bizarre video file

Reverse-engineering a weird video file

Not too long ago, I occurred throughout a slightly uncommon video file while searching Discord: a video that may present one thing totally different relying in your platform. Investigating After sending it to an acceptable variety of different servers and pals, I made a decision to attempt to determine the way it labored. FFmpeg is…

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The bizarre quirk of JavaScript arrays (that it is best to by no means use) – JavaScript Dev Feed

The bizarre quirk of JavaScript arrays (that it is best to by no means use) For those who’ve finished any sort validation in JavaScript, you’ve got most likely observed that arrays haven’t got their very own sort. typeof [] === ‘array’; // false typeof []; // ‘object’ Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode To examine…

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