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Instance for textual content processing Shell instructions – tr, uniq, type, sed and awk

Example for text processing Shell commands - tr, uniq, sort, sed and awk

TutorialBlogs_KCDChennai (9 Part Series) 1 Kubernetes Learning Part I – Application Architecture Decision and Purpose of K8s 2 Kubernetes Learning Part II – Understanding of Kubernetes Architecture and Hands-on Lab Setup … 5 more parts… 3 Kubernetes Learning Part III – K8s Concepts, Pods and Init-Containers 4 Kubernetes Learning Part IV: Workload Resources – Deployment…

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New token integration: $UNIQ is NOW dwell on HYVE

New token integration: $UNIQ is NOW live on HYVE

You’ll find the article here. The tip of 2021 was undoubtedly marked by a great deal of partnerships, with Uniqly one of the notable. In an effort to have fun our collaboration, you may bear in mind our HYVE-branded NFT assortment, with a complete of 510 restricted version NFT Christmas t-shirts and hoodies launched. We…

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