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I made a Node.js colours library in 192 bytes minzipped (+ code rationalization!)

I made a Node.js colors library in 192 bytes minzipped (+ code explanation!)

A couple of minutes in the past, I printed PlanckColors. It is in all probability the smallest node module for colours on the web, at simply 119 bytes minzipped! It is so small, this is the supply code: let p=[‘black’,’red’,’green’,’yellow’,’blue’,’magenta’,’cyan’,’white’],x={},q=[‘reset’,’bold’,’dim’,’italic’,’underline’,’blink’,,’reverse’,’hide’,’strike’],s=(S=”,A=30,T=p)=>T.map((a,i)=>x[a+S]=t=>`x1b[${i+A}${B}m${t}x1b[0m`)&&s;s()(‘Bg’,40)(”,0,q);export default x; Enter fullscreen modeExit fullscreen mode That’s it! 🤯 Planck? The Planck length is…

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Animate a body by utilizing a transition between important picture colours

Animate a frame by using  a transition between main image colors

A disclaimer straight away – this isn’t actually about animating picture frames; it is simply animating the background behind the picture and including some padding. I needed to attract extra consideration to some photographs in a grid of uploaded photographs in one in every of my initiatives. As a substitute of getting a plain card…

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Auto generate distinctive Avatar colours randomly

Auto generate unique Avatar colors randomly

css (2 Part Series) 1 Mobile issue with 100vh | height: 100% !== 100vh [3 solutions] 2 Auto generate unique Avatar colors randomly That is how JIRA exhibits every consumer avatar Assume for a second about while you go to on-line dialogue boards. Most of the customers have no profile pic uploaded. As an alternative,…

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Learn how to make a bit of design system with Figma (colours)

How to make a little design system with Figma (colors)

little design system (2 Part Series) 1 How to make a little design system with Figma (intro) 2 How to make a little design system with Figma (colors) Content material: Create the shapes Create a component Create reusable colors Choose the base colors Choose the main colors 60-30-10 rule Good day! On at the present…

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Loopple – Change your dashboard colours

Loopple - Change your dashboard colors

Hello, Loopple is a Low Code Dashboard Builder that goals to assist developers to hurry up their development course of. In the present day we simply printed the latest launch that updates our dashboard with the theme colour editor. Presently, you may edit the next colours: Physique Colour, Major Colour, Data Colour, Success Colour, Warning…

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