Hey everybody at present I wish to focus on one thing about Stateful vs Stateless Structure okay 🤔 so.. if I needed to simplify these phrases I might say that stateless is one thing which might survive a system restart. However its not that straightforward so lets dive deeper and attempt to be taught the factor with an instance 😃.

Lets contemplate that there’s a one who needs to order one thing from an Ecommerce web site. So the very first thing that he’ll do is clearly singing in to that web site along with his web browser and as everyone knows that his or her browser will ship a http request with some username password stuffs to the server of that Ecommerce website. However often there’s a one thing referred to as as a load balancer sits in entrance of these servers and decides to ship that request to
any one of many out there servers.

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lets contemplate that it ship the request to server1 after which server1 requested the database to verify if the username password is right or not and after that it authenticates the consumer that yep, you might be logged in. and the server shops a session of that consumer that he’s logged in.

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Now our consumer needs so as to add one thing to his cart and once more his browser ship that http request to the web site however this time the load balancer decides to ship this request to our server2 however as we all know that there is no such thing as a session for our consumer within the server2 so server2 responded with 403 (entry denied) 😔 and requested our consumer to login once more very irritating proper yep.

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in order that was the instance of a stateful software however now lets change the state of affairs when our consumer obtained authenticated by the server1 the server1 now didn’t saved a session of that consumer as a substitute it returned a cookie to that consumer which our server once more can use for the verification that the consumer was signed in or not clearly that cookie could have some expiration time.

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And now within the case when our consumer will ship one other http request for including one thing to his cart this time he may also ship this cookie with the request in order that if the load balancer ship this request to any of the out there servers now these servers can authorize the consumer and won’t ask the consumer to authenticate once more. In order that just about it however nonetheless its not that simple that which one is healthier each have there personal benefits and drawbacks.

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