What’s new in angular 13.

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Angular 13 was not too long ago launched, let me let you know what I contemplate to be probably the most related adjustments.

Construct Cache

Now you can cache your builds, so if a module hasn’t modified, Angular would not must rebuild it. That alone will enhance your construct velocity by round 68%.

  "cli": {
    "cache": {
      "enabled": true,
      "path": ".angular/cache",
      "atmosphere": "all"
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TestBed Destroy After Every

Assessments at the moment are quicker as a result of Angular does a greater job of tearing down after every check. That launched some race situations in my codebase, so I needed to flip that off. I might say it wants a couple of weeks to turn into steady.

  { teardown: { destroyAfterEach: false } }
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Dropped Assist for Web Explorer 11

Lastly, we’re dropping help for Web Explorer 11, which permits Angular to leverage trendy browser options, akin to CSS variables.

Dependency Updates

TypeScript 4.4 and RxJS 7.4 at the moment are supported! I made a video on RxJS 7, the hyperlink is within the description.

Dynamically create parts

Should you create parts dynamically, excellent news, you do not want the part manufacturing facility anymore, simply use ViewContainerRef.createComponent

const componentFactory =

const componentRef = componentFactory.create(injector);


const componentRef = viewContainer.createComponent(Part);
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